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Private Monthly Membership

You'll get access to my monthly, interactive live Zoom session (outside of the Facebook group) that might include short trainings, powerful speakers, peer discussions, introspective exercises, networking, or even some hot-seat coaching.


A Message from Sandy:

“I spent over 30 years building, growing, and climbing this corporate ladder all alone. No mentor, no roadmap, no cheatsheet. Until one day in 2018 when everything changed.

I found my people! I didn't know I needed them, but when I found them it changed my life.

Finding this small community of other female leaders that could understand what I was going through because they were going through exactly the same thing themselves filled my soul. I felt like a whole new person. Someone who could do anything even if it was scary because I had my people encouraging and supporting me. 

By creating Proximity Leadership Network, my deepest desire is to bring that experience to YOU. I want you to feel the absolute relief of knowing that you'll never have to navigate the 'boy's club' all alone ever again!”

Proximity Leadership Network Membership


A private monthly membership that I call my "Inner Circle", where you can get a recurring dose of inspiration, learn something new, and connect with our growing network of high-achieving, successful, powerful female leaders. 

The Inner Circle Membership includes access to my private Facebook community, where you can go for support 24/7. 

It only takes one connection to change your life forever.

Find your people today!


Join Our Exclusive Membership Community!

Here's why it's worth it:


✅ Get Immediate Access to our Private Facebook Community

  • THE most valuable part of the membership is to connect with each other. All the hard work is done for you. We have already found YOUR PEOPLE!
  • You are free to be your authentic self and finally find the meaningful connection you've been missing.¬†In this strictly confidential group, you can drop the boss lady facade, take off your makeup, put on your stretchy pants, throw your hair in a bun, and grab a glass of wine. You are safe here.¬†The most meaningful, life-changing connections are formed at the intersection of authenticity and vulnerability.¬†
  • You will find support and encouragement here. You can learn from¬†those ahead of you on our journey, as well as lend a helping hand to those coming up behind you.¬†Everyone needs a champion! You can ask those questions¬†you're not really comfortable asking at the office. You can get advice or find out how other women handled a similar situation.¬†
  • The women in this community¬†want nothing more than to see you succeed and will challenge you to reach your full potential.¬†
  • We promote sharing job opportunities in an effort to propel more women into key leadership positions. We want to give our members¬†the best chance to do more, be more and¬†achieve more; as well as source opportunities for the next generation of female leaders.¬†Think about what that could mean for your recruiting efforts. It's like an entire candidate pool of high achievers! Women dedicated to their own success and committed to the success of others. That's IDEAL!

✅ Access to my Inner Circle (my family, my tribe, my sisterhood)

  • We meet once monthly via Zoom for 1-hour trainings, exercises, guest speakers and even the occasional hot-seat coaching to help resolve your real-life challenges. It's a time for us to meet virtually and build a stronger community.¬†
  • Since the private community is being housed for now in a Facebook Group where you can connect via posts, videos and comments, this monthly virtual meet-up gives us a chance to connect on a deeper level. Where we can see each other's actual faces and be¬†reminded that we are not alone and that we are all STRONGER TOGETHER!¬†

‚úÖ You'll be a part of something even bigger.

  • 1% of all membership and program fees are donated to causes that advocate for women and women's rights.¬†

‚úÖ 30 day risk-free money back guarantee

  • I am so confident that you will love being a part of this community, that if you don‚Äôt see value in the membership after 30 days, simply request a full refund. No questions asked.¬†¬†

For less than the cost of of that double shot, extra hot, pick-me-up latte you drink every day, you can change your life and your career FOREVER!


Membership Pricing

Join Proximity Leadership Network Inner Circle Membership

$47/month or $497/year

Choose the plan that works for you!

(10% off if paid annually)

  • Monthly live virtual interactive calls including trainings, networking, speakers & hot-seat coaching.
  • 24/7 access to my private Facebook community
  • Opportunity to make important, career-changing connections.

1% of all program and membership fees are donated to causes that advocate for women and women's rights. 


This is no ordinary membership community.


Proximity was founded on three pillars:


Unconditional Support

Authentic Connection

It is imperative that we maintain a safe and respectful space for our members to share their vulnerability without the fear of judgement or embarrassment.

Membership can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the administrator. Political commentary, unkind or disrespectful behavior, bullying, and any unsolicited selling inside the community will not be tolerated.  

True respect for one another is the only way to ensure a high-quality experience for our members. I lay out these values for all to self-manage. In doing so, I feel confident we will thrive as a community and as a force for good. 

Also, don’t wait around… this Founding Member Discount will expire soon (really).